Reflections on Mark

Hello! Welcome to Eden Bow’s take-over of All Hallows Blog. Over the last year or so we have been reflecting on a few different books of the bible as a team, thinking about what God has to say to us through them.

We’ve taken turns within the team to write and reflect on each chapter in the book, sharing them with one another. We’ve all been inspired by what God has said to us through one another and thought why not share our reflections with the whole church.  

I hope, as you read these reflections, not only will you get some insight into what we do as an Eden team, but that you’ll be able to apply some of our reflections to your own life and the way you share Jesus with those around you. We are often making it up as we go along, doing our best to follow God and get involved with what he’s doing. That might look different for you that it does for the Eden team, but God might be asking you some of the same questions.

When we wrote our reflections, we were specifically thinking about how God might want to use the passaged to speak directly into our lives. You’ll find we often raise questions we think God might be asking us to think about. I invite you to spend some time with God, praying into these questions as they come up and asking him for his perspective. The answers may be different for each of us depending on what’s going on in our lives, but God meets us there- where we’re at.

I hope that God speaks to you through what we’ve written.