Eden Reflections: Mark 15

Mark 15 Reflection by Ed M

In Mark 15 we really get to the crux of the matter (literally!). The passage starts with Jesus' trial at the hands of Pilate. As Jerusalem was occupied by the Romans, the Chief Priests were required to bring their case before him. The thing I find fascinating about this section of the chapter is that Pilate just cannot understand what Jesus is supposed to have done wrong. When he pushes the crowd on these charges they have no answer, just a braying mob shouting for Jesus to put to death in the most horrific fashion.

This makes me reflect on three things:

- the sheer injustice of Jesus' death. Of course they had no charge as he was perfect. But he took the weight of injustice on himself when he died for us.

- it reminds me of Christians around the world who still face persecution and are subject to public show trials where they face death unless they renounce the Truth. What amazing courage!

- it also challenges me to reflect on how often I am caught up in the judgmental mob mentality. How easy it is for us to be stirred to a place of hatred and judgment.


In the end, Barrabbas, a violent murderer is released. Total injustice, and yet perfect justice. This is the topsy turvy world of grace!

We are made fully aware of the total innocence of Jesus. No charge could be brought against him. This deliberately precedes Jesus torture, death and burial. Jesus paid that cost, not because he deserved it, but because we do.

There is so much in the rest of the chapter that I can't do it justice in a short reflection. Spend some time reflecting yourself on this passage and what our perfect sinless Saviour did for us by dying on the cross.