Eden Reflections: Mark 10

Mark 10 Reflection by Louise M

This is a FULL ON chapter! Let’s start with divorce:

Jesus is not talking about modern, westernised divorce. It didn’t exist then. This is about man’s ownership of a woman. It had become his to take and send away. All a man needed was a piece of paper to ruin a woman’s life. Jesus says this way of thinking is old and worst of all God will judge them for it. Instead, Jesus talks about commitment and how marriage is about unifying two people together completely so that nothing should separate.

What does Jesus mean about being like little children? When I look at any 3 or 4 year old what I see is someone who is curious, completely trusting, will laugh at anything and constantly learning. If this is what it means to be part of God’s Kingdom then I’m 100% in!

 The difficulty of inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven if you’re rich is tricky. We live in a time of constant consumption, where every need and want is met instantly yet so many people go without. The rich/poor divide gets bigger every year and we’re in the midst of it. What can we do but pray? Whatever our circumstance, whether we’re rich or poor we should pray for God to keep our hearts soft to the world around us and to give us the true gift of generosity.

This leads nicely on to the request of James and John to sit either side of Jesus’ throne. Jesus makes it pretty clear in vs43-45 that we are to be humble and gracious to those around us. We may have to do things that we think are beneath us or we hate, and we are to demonstrate the Kingdom of God as we do them. Because ultimately God is love and we are loved by Him.

Throughout this whole passage the disciples are described as continually amazed and in awe. This is eclipsed by Jesus’ description of His death and the healing of the blind Bart. This chapter is clearly demonstrating Jesus’ authority with His words, His actions and His ability to speak truth in all things.